Kilde Automation's apprentice honored at Dansk Industri

With his mentor, Frank Stokholm, by his side, Kilde's apprentice, Casper Madsen, headed to Copenhagen last week. Both were invited to attend the Danish Industry Apprentice Lunch, where the country's most talented apprentices and students were celebrated.


The journey to the capital began just after four in the morning for Casper Madsen and Frank Stokholm. Casper Madsen is an apprentice at Kilde Automation, and in the spring, he won the DI Midt Vest apprentice prize. Therefore, he was invited to the Danish Industry Apprentice Lunch along with Frank Stokholm, who is responsible for apprentices at Kilde.


- It was a really good experience, and it's nice to be recognized. The day started with a tour of Copenhagen City Hall. Then we went to the Danish Industry, where we had a three-course lunch overlooking City Hall Square. They had really put a lot of effort into it, says Casper Madsen, who is training as an automation technician at Kilde.


Casper Madsen won the Danish Industry Midt Vest apprentice prize back in April, both for his talent as an automation technician and for his good collegial qualities. The prestigious prize was presented by the chairman of Danish Industry Midt Vest, Claus Arberg, and all of Casper Madsen's colleagues at Kilde surprised him with flowers and gifts on the day.


About his colleagues and Kilde as a training place, Casper Madsen says:


- Kilde is a really good workplace, and there are all opportunities to improve oneself. Here, they trust that everyone does a good job, and I get to try out many different things. My colleagues know a lot about automation, and when I ask the right questions, there is a lot to learn here, says Casper Madsen.


Six apprentices in training


Frank Stokholm is responsible for Kilde's apprentices. Right now, six apprentices are in training in the company, and having a relatively large number of apprentices is a deliberate choice. It is both about ensuring that Kilde can also in the future get highly specialized employees. At the same time, the attitude is that as a company, you are obligated to take a societal responsibility, explains Frank Stokholm, who is production manager at Kilde.


- We have a good collaboration with both educational institutions and Skive Municipality about our apprentice programs. Casper Madsen is a success story because he came to Kilde somewhat by chance. He started with us in a work trial due to a workplace accident, and when it went beyond all expectations with his physical condition, we offered Casper Madsen an adult apprenticeship as an automation technician, says Frank Stokholm.


In addition to apprenticeships as automation technicians, Kilde also offers apprenticeships as industrial technicians, and the majority of Kilde's apprentices continue in the company after completing their apprenticeship. Casper Madsen will finish as an automation technician in May next year.