Manufactoring automation


At Kilde, we develop automation systems for industrial companies from the ground up. We build each system in close collaboration with the companies for whom we are developing the solutions. Each solution is special designed to the task in close cooperation with the customer. Our skilled specialists assist and advise throughout the process, ensuring that we collectively build a system that addresses your specific efficiency needs.

Your collaborative partner


We are your collaborative partner throughout the entire process – from A to Z. We assist you with everything from initial needs clarification, concept development, and construction to testing, implementation, and commissioning of the finished solution. All takes place in close collaboration with your company because you are experts when it comes to your challenges, and once we understand your requirements, we can design a solution that matches your needs.

50 years with machines


It is not necessary to have a finished concept and a detailed specification to start a collaboration with us. We have extensive experience in helping industrial companies uncover the need for automation, and we are happy to assist you in designing and conceptualizing the project based on your requirements.

We provide turnkey automation systems and take full responsibility throughout the project process - from specification to commissioning of the final solution.

We offer the following turnkey systems for the industry:


  • Assembly Solutions
  • Process Solutions
  • Packaging & Palletizing

Scalable automation

Our project model

Kilde is ISO 9001 certified. This means that you are ensured a solid foundation for quality management in the projects you undertake with us. We naturally have high demands for the process and constantly focus on optimizing and improving. We execute all projects with detailed descriptions of both requirements for establishment, implementation, and maintenance.



We use the stage-gate model to manage and control the various phases of the project process. All phase-delimited deliveries in our projects are concluded with approval and evaluation before the next phase can commence. This ensures both transparency and optimal decision-making foundations, helping us stay on course for the project.

Watch a video showcasing one of our reference projects nominated for DIRA

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In close collaboration with the company, we assist with everything from needs analysis to implementation and commissioning of the final solution.


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Rasmus Hviid Agerskov, Manager, industry

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