Kilde Automation's apprentice receives the ML Award 2022

ENGLISH: Oleg Shapkin from Kilde Automation in Skive is among the recipients of the ML Award 2022. He receives the award for his exceptional overview, immense commitment, infectious humor, and the high quality he delivers every day.


Four years ago, on an August day, Oleg Shapkin stepped through the door at Kilde Automation for the first time. He was there for a week of school internship to get a taste of the work in the automation industry. The company and the tasks appealed to him so much that he subsequently applied for an apprenticeship at Kilde. He got it - fortunately, because Oleg is one of those everyone would like to hire, as described in the nomination for the ML Award.


"We are really happy that Oleg knocked on the door four years ago. From the first day, he has shown an exceptional overview and does extraordinary work. With Oleg, you get one of Denmark's best automation technicians," says Frank Stokholm, Head of Production at Kilde.


Oleg Shapkin himself says he loves to develop. And that's one of the reasons why Kilde is a perfect match for the Automation Technician apprentice.


"The good thing about Kilde is, first and foremost, the colleagues. We are really good at helping each other. In addition, there are good opportunities to learn and develop. I have the opportunity to take courses and try out different things related to the machines we build. I like that because I'm not good at standing still," says Oleg Shapkin with a twinkle in his eye.


Marital competition


In the home in Stoholm, where Oleg Shapkin lives with his wife Julia Shapkin, talk often revolves around automation. Oleg and Julia both completed their education as automation technician and industrial technician, respectively, in June, when Julia was also nominated for the ML Award. But she had to see herself beaten by her husband.


"It means a lot that we have been able to support each other throughout the process. We have fought both with and against each other - in a good way. We have certainly made each other better," says Oleg Shapkin.


Where the bronze sculpture will be placed is not yet decided. According to Oleg, it should find a central place in the middle of the living room. Both he and his wife are competitive people, so it's a good way to tease a bit with the prize, especially because Oleg Shapkin thinks his wife deserves the prize just as much as he does.


A quiet Ukrainian in the spotlight


Oleg Shapkin is not a man who normally steals the spotlight. In fact, he is happiest not being too much in focus. But these days, he deserves all the attention he gets – at least if you ask his manager Frank Stokholm.

"Oleg is a really nice and pleasant guy. Everyone likes Oleg - and that's why he is nominated by both us and the school. He always gives 110%, is extremely quality-conscious, and always leaves satisfied customers. If something is urgent, he is always one of the first to volunteer. He is one of those who leads from the front, and he goes all-in. His wife is the same way, but unfortunately, she didn't make it through the needle's eye. I actually think she should have. They work hard, and no matter what, there is always plenty of energy left. For example, their parents came here from Ukraine right in the middle of the journeyman's test, where Oleg and his wife took care of them and helped them find a place to live. And they still score top grades, both of them, and have the energy to be there for their two small children – it's wildly impressive," says Frank Stokholm.


On Friday, Oleg Shapkin will take his wife by the arm and head to the Black Diamond in Copenhagen, where he, along with 25 other apprentices, will receive this year's ML Award.