Kildes glass slide archiving system saves time and resources for OUH

The glass slide archiving system saves time and resources within Digital Pathology when tissue samples need to be handled and archived. Siemens, which is a subcontractor for some components of the machine, describes here the system and the resources saved it provides to Odense University Hospital.


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At Odense University Hospital, manual sorting and archiving of small glass slides with tissue samples are a thing of the past. Kilde Automation, with the help of Siemens, has developed a robotic solution that handles approximately 1,600 tissue samples per day and automatically ensures that the samples no longer occupy storage space when they need to be destroyed after three weeks.

If a tissue sample needs to be reused within the three weeks, it is easy and quick to retrieve by entering the patient's ID number. This is a significant difference from before, where all sorting and storage were handled manually, often resulting in physical trays of glass with tissue samples on all tables in the respective department. Consequently, it could take time to find a sample again, and since often more than three weeks passed before the samples were sent for destruction, the archive cabinets also took up a lot of space.