Compact machine with high output


Our innovative packaging and palletizing machines automate many tasks, requiring only a small footprint. At the same time, the system handles a large number of product variants, providing an automation machine that can handle all your tasks.


With our automation machines, we free up employees from stressful tasks such as heavy lifting and repetitive actions. Achieve optimized production with a small footprint and save on operating costs with a packaging and palletizing machine that offers higher output, efficiency, and a better working environment.

Compact layout

Kilde's packaging machines perform many operations in a compact layout. The packaging machines are available as various standardized solutions, all of which handle high product capacity.

Large product variation

Our packaging machines can handle a wide variety of products in one machine. Our machines are very flexible and can be adapted to many types of products - all in a compact layout for optimal utilization of space in your production.

Many operations

Packaging machines from Kilde can handle many operations and processes in a compact machine.

Some of the operations and processes include:


  • Infeed buffer
  • Handling & stacking
  • Sleeving
  • Case erection
  • Bag insertion into cases
  • Packing products into case
  • Case sealing
  • Palletizing

Frank Hedegaard, Manager, Plastic

Phone.: +45 23 83 54 24


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