We are specialists in automation

We are a renowned automation company that has been delivering machines and automation solutions since 1970. Our solutions have helped the largest companies in Denmark streamline their production processes.


Optimize your production with high-tech automation solutions.


Efficient and reliable production optimization with consistently high quality.


Through close collaboration and mutual trust with our customers, we create successful automation projects together.



Through close and open dialogue throughout the process, we create customized solutions, and we don't leave until the system is up and running.


High OEE

All our automation systems are designed with carefully selected components, and we deliver solutions that ensure high operational efficiency with high uptime and consistent quality.

Automations solutions

  • We construct customized assembly solutions using standardized and special designed elements, ensuring the right solution is chosen for both the task and requirements.


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  • We provide standardized and custom-designed process solutions.


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  • Our innovative packing and palletizing machines automate a high number of tasks in a small space and can simultaneously handle a large variety of product variants.


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